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Tidy Towns Reminder….

Meeting every Saturday @10am – 12pm, Carpark, Johnstown Village.


Trees on the Land

We have 250 trees, shrubs, bushes for planting around the village and estates . Good to fill in gaps in hedgerow or areas with little plant growth other than grass. They are all very small and will come on if planted now , Instructions for planting as follows in link below.

Many hands make the job much easier and done in a matter of a few hours. Bring a spade and the family to plant a tree. Keep an eye on the facebook page for more information on times and locations.

Planning and Preparing for your planting: 
If you haven’t already read the notes at the following link, do please take the time to have a good read through them. They contain a lot of useful information on the trees, tree sizes, how to store trees, how to prepare for planting, correct spacings, weeding and basic maintenance.  
The notes can be found here:

Text Alert Service

New Garda community text alert schemes for Cork with grants ...

There is a hold on the system as the central control has changed and the detail working of same is not yet finalised. Details to follow in coming months.

Community Garda:

In an effort to get back to traditional community policing Liaison Garda will now be assigned to particular areas of the district. Garda Una Ryan is the liaison guard for the Johnstown area. We wish her well as she gets to know her patch.

Communication/Keep informed

The JCA have updated its web site ( and are now more active on Facebook so we encourage you to like and follow the page so as to keep up to date.

We are a small group the JCA committee but with BIG plans for our village, as you can see from our current range of activities. So, whether you are a resident or a business in the area who could assist us in part on any project we would be delighted to hear from you. Ideas of involvement are (but not limited to):

  • TY student wishing to do a Community project
  • IT skills
  • Assist with obtaining sponsors for local projects.
  • Help organise or assist us on a Fun Day /Heritage Day/ Tidy Towns.     

We would love to hear from you. Contact the Chairperson Siobhan O’Carroll at or your area representative.

Johnstown Village Park Project

The Johnstown Community Association has begun talks with Kildare County Council to acquire the old garden centre site in the middle of the village in order to convert it to a public amenity space for use by all of the community.

The site is currently derelict and considered dangerous as well as an eye sore in the middle of the village. Many believe this site would serve the community better as a park/green area/ sports field etc. At the very minimum the clean- up of this site would improve the appearance of our village.

We are in the process of drafting a plan and proposal to put forward to the county council, all feedback and input from the community is welcome.

Please like our page to show support and for update. Get in touch if you would like to get involved or offer expertise in any field.

Welcome to

A new website coming in 2020

We hope to keep the community updated on various items happening around Johnstown and have a place to archive them.

Please reach out with any information, images or content you would like to update the wider community on. We would love to have a digital archive of photos of years gone by and stories from the area.

Thank you,

Johnstown Residents Association